Kim Kyu Jong – Hug Me

What I wanted isn’t happening easily
I’m losing my drive, I just want to rest
Life is not fun anymore

I meet less and less people
What’s the meaning of laughing and talking?
Just seeing a leaf fall
Makes me tear up, what do I do?
Hug me

Over the hill, past the forest
When I place my body into the blowing wind
Will I hear the echo of hope sometime?

I’m asking where I have to go
It’s too early for me to stop here
I’m facing a fork in the road
Even if this isn’t the right answer
I must go on

Let’s go on that untraveled path
Following the small light that beckons me from far away

I’m opening my ears quietly to the wind
Maybe it’ll comfort me, healing me
Looking back at the path I came on
Will I figure it out when I become an adult?

I walked on that path too
I’m doing a good job


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