Woo Won Jae – Nostalgia (향수) Prison Playbook OST

Nothing I can do about it
Here, the word present is the most meaningless
When it comes to catching a cloud, the answer is
So please talk about the past ya
So please talk about the past ya

There’s nothing too different about these bars
Choosing whether to be inside or outside is up to me
If my dream was to breathe in the outside air
The only thing I can change is the size of my perspective
I’m saying that this place is the outside
They command me to change it to the opposite
I’m saying that this place is the outside

Some dream of escaping, some choose to obey
Maybe they’re all just trying their best in the worst situation
It’s perfect to say this is the worst
Just one thing, the homesickness is the problem
Just one thing, the homesickness is the problem

Yea, the homesickness is the problem
Even if your past was like hell
It turns into a cherished memory
They were ashen and gray days, turning and turning
But the only one who is going crazy is me
Longing for the Yeonnam railroad tracks that were like my emergency shelter
By all means, I’m just reminiscing now
The pouting lips of my upset friends
Now I think I can laugh it over and be cool
But no matter what, only regret remains
Tired days and inevitable exhaustion
Now I feel like I could stretch out my legs and sleep well
But the only thing I can stretch out now is my empty pocket

What I am doing this for?
What exactly am I doing this for?
If it’s for happiness, is it okay to do evil?
What did I do that for?
What exactly did I do that for?

When someone else’s unhappiness became my happiness
I felt so empty

Now I know
The reason everyone makes the same mistakes
Now I feel it with my skin, I remember everything, it’s an illusion
The reason we compromise
In just one moment, every color becomes free
Turning stubbornly
It’s like when you write in your diary
You write good things for no reason
Who would want to spit on their own autobiography?
That’s why they say nostalgia
Covering mistakes with misunderstandings
Everyone knows obviously but they say your longing is your limit
Everyone knows obviously but because they long, they call it nostalgia
Everyone here is unlucky
They think about it with those who are soft-hearted
But they can’t forgive so they’re trapped here
Yes but they still endure
Thankfully they have the power to endure
That’s what they call nostalgia here
We’ve been scentfully deceived

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