Jo Woo Chan, Park Hyun Jin, Achillo – OGZ

Everyone goes crazy, they become a mess
In front of me, brick brick
I may seem cocky
But it all seems like brick brick
Deceiving everyone with my trick tricks
Only luxury brands around me
Please, please
Follow me
You’re too slow
I’m so frustrated, I’m going crazy
yeah late night racing
It’s too cold to watch
So I can’t watch
Soothing my insides with Miero Fiber
Putting Jetty in my milk
Half stirred and I’ll run right away
That’s my ritual, gulp gulp gulp
This is a sick life
Acknowledge it, agree with it
When I walk around
Feels like I’m walking alone, Gulliver’s Travels
Haunted houses and rollercoasters
They say it’s scary but I don’t feel anything
No facial expression
This is what you call being nosy
looking for ma iPhone
Some day, it’ll go ding dong ding dong

We’re really really OGZ
Today’s snack is cold sausage
In Japanese, it’s delicious, oishi
This level is too easy, so easy

I do what I want
I do whatever I want
Doctors told me
My growth plates are super open
I can swear if I want
But I’ll ask you one thing
What’d you do when you were my age
What’d you do when you were my age
I can’t pretend to know
People to pretend to know me
Don’t come near me
I get itchy cuz of my allergies
I draw a big picture
I’m not in a rush at all
Same age kids look at me with spite
But hyungs have high hopes for me
Just like you see right now
I’m busy enjoying life
Hey, why don’t you be mine

Still so much I don’t know
Out of the many things, I don’t know what the end means
Cuz it’s only the beginning now
Ever since I started to run, I skipped my mobile chair
Each day is so dope, though I’m young
My stubbornness is like an ox cuz of my instincts
I can’t help it except but to be dope
I’ll keep being dope
Till I become the OG

We’re really really OGZ
Today’s snack is cold sausage
In Japanese, it’s delicious, oishi
This level is too easy, so easy

I want more money and
Sick carat gold
money rain drops
bad and boujee
shout out to my
O.G.Z squad
I see the size of the rest
If you thought I was easy, open your eyes wider
I’ma watch you feel inferior
and suck on honey
Only we are super dope
We don’t do what’s the same as everyone else
Our business is killin all you who’re the same
Then we be killing tracks
After we make that, we be chillin at the top
I feel crazy good, they get crazy mad
Don’t care about your respect
If not for the love from the people
I don’t care
Typical Hongdae rappers rappin
I won’t ever do it, never
If I was gonna do that
I would’ve been at the bottom
Not rapping but on hungry days
Puff it pass
When I look at it, our skill
Makes those kinds of rappers filter out from the bottom, so crazy
We don’t die with bad work
We’re alive and moving like zombies
Bang, walking dead
So sweet

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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

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