AOORA ft. $milli – Blue Ocean

I’m drunk in your ocean
Awkwardness softly melts away
Smoke wraps around me, sweat beads spread
In your empty spaces
I fill with my loneliness
On this cold night, I’ll give you my all
The dawn air and your breath color me in
A new light knocks on me through the window
Your blue ocean opens
Blue Ocean

I Want To Go Back
I Want To Go Back

If I’m a swimmer
Long distance is my specialty
More important than winning
Is the kiss ceremony
Don’t be surprised when I first go in
So wet yourself beforehand
Don’t worry about the waves
I’ll hold you tight
Let’s get closer
That’s how we can go far

Who says the ocean is salty? No
The waves feel like a seesaw
Locked in your naturally spreading smile
I pray that I could die like this
I need you right now
I’m comforting myself with the memories
Even when we look back
Nothing changes, we’re like a maze

Another season has passed
After you left with your warmth
The morning when the sun greeted you
It’s passing faintly, fade away
Like a child’s sandcastle
I can’t hold on if it crumbles down
But if I go back to that time
I won’t sing this song
If I go back, I won’t put you in this song

I Want To Go Back

I Want To Go Back
I Want To Go Back
I Want To Go Back
I Want To Go Back
I Want To Go Back

Wandering through the fog
I can’t see the bruised emptiness
Hold me again
Let Me Love You

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