Jaewhi – Dear Moon (My Mister OST Part 4)

Dear moon, my moon
Can’t get any closer
Like the moon I can’t reach
Even with fast paced walking

Oh moon, like moon
Why won’t you go away?
I try to turn away and run
But you’re like the moon that follows me

Is it coincidence?
The moment we met eyes
I heard a low voice
Talking to me

You’re answering
The answer that was hesitated
You’re over there
And for some reason
I feel like I know everything

Oh moon
My moon
I’m not trying to hold you
I know you’re too big for me to hold

Oh moon
My moon
I’m not trying to have you
The fact that you’re so dazzling
Is because I’m too dark of a night

Is it coincidence?
On your white face
There’s a shadow stain
That doesn’t suit you

I’m waving
It’s how I call you
There’s a loner here
Who resembles you a lot

I’m not doing so well

My only moon
As much as I can’t reach you
Till the night grows deep
Keep that silence with the white light

So I won’t sleep again tonight


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