GOT7 – Miracle

It was an especially cold winter day for me
A night that felt like this year just forgot about me

But you stood before me coincidentally
Like a single ray of light
In my dark sky, where no one came
You became a small star and brightly shined for me

At the tip of winter
I met you, who became my spring
Oh miracle, it’s such a miracle
After you came, my winters aren’t so cold anymore
Because I have you, who looks at me, yeah

No one looked for my heart
The lights weren’t turned on in my room
Only dust covered my dreams
But after I met you, they woke up
And became reality
You’re a miracle
The moment you appeared before me

I still remember
The green stars that fell on my dark sky
You came to me and built up in my heart
Becoming a dazzling milky way

In my time that I used to walk alone
You held out your warm hands
You warmly embraced my faded dreams
Making the flowers bloom
As if spring came to me

Baby without you
I can’t even imagine, my everything
You’re all of my dream now
Please walk with me, be with me even at the end
It’s not my dream but our dream
Forever share this dream with me
I want to share this with you
Even in the cold winter, even in the spring
Please stay right by my side

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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

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