Hong Dae Gwang – Take My Hand (Just Dance OST Part 1)

Hey! Here I Am, I have something to tell you
Come close, hold my hand
Open Your Mind, in the place where your heart is open
Take out your dream so you won’t forget it

Sometimes, you can’t see it (ho ho ho ho)
Just leave it as is
(Just let it go)

Take My Hand
Some day, when you face these dreams
Hold My Hand
Then you will know everything (ho ho ho ho)

Look at the sky, a different world is spread before you
Until we die, we’ll be together till the end

Take My Hand
When this story comes to an end
You will see the smiles of countless stars (ho ho ho ho)

If there is a heaven in that faraway place
They would see our smiles
So get up and shout out loud
Oh~You And I (Ho Ho Ho Ho)

Raise up the broken pieces once again
(It Will Stand Somehow)

Take My Hand
When our journey comes to an end
It will become a beautiful memory
Take My Hand
So we won’t ever let go of our hands
Hold My Hand
Let’s feel each other’s hearts (Ho Ho Ho Ho)

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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

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