Stray Kids – Maze of Memories (잠깐의 고요)

Time runs
Like my dreams, day and night
I’m carrying them on my neck
Throwing my memories outside

This is like a drama without a script
It’s an ending you’ve never thought of
The dust that covered my heart before
Now presses down on my dreams

Throwback, swallows up the dark night
Now I have the bright light of the sun that I took
Next, in the cold dawn, I see the lonely moon
It covers my face, intoxicating me
Like it’s coloring me black
My head is burning, question marks filling me up, blaming myself
Now I’m running for an answer I can’t even see
Running on my mind but I’m feeling even more frustrated

This is a fight for my tomorrow
Right now, I feel like I’ve seen the future from yesterday
I’m putting on a smile, letting out a sigh
Feels like I’m taking a look at myself, a momentary silence

The slower I walk, the more the wind pushes me
Turn up with this wandering
Give me some time to sleep
Show me an answer that’s like the wrong answer

What I see right now is all a lie
I go around but I’m stuck in the same time

Under the blue sky, our song burns red
Our song burns red and the sandy wind tries to stop it
Like a whale hunting for food
But I can’t just get eaten, that’s how I am

When stones come flying from here and there
I’ll cut them up with a sword
Turning them into pieces, making the pieces into a mountain
And giving it all back

It’s boiling up, the anger I held
I’m lifting myself up from being trapped in anger
I wish that anger would bloom into a flower
Instead of a sea of fire, I want to be in a bed of flowers

Devils chattering above the highway
My brain floats around the complex air
What saved my brain are the birds that fly high
I’m riding on the back of those birds, flying

Imma look back
Imma look back to the future in fact
Let me examine the progress
The demons that tried to suffocate the road to success
Imma look forward into the sea
Oblivious sea I call “history”
Thunderous waves that rage
Destroying the maze of memories I wanna see

And so, should I give up
But really, can I give up
We live in a time and space, a world full of blinds
It makes me wanna give up

But then again, no I shouldn’t give up
I feel it inside, don’t wanna give up
We live in a time and space, a world full of blinds
Now I’ve had enough

Calling out for help, on this carousel
Life is like a dare or an open fair
I just wanna tell, tell the citadel

Empire, campfire,
Unpile old files, set fire
Rise higher, go wild and chase my
That’s why I

Never give up
Never give up
Listen to me, I’m different
Never give up

Never give up
Never give up
Looking at tomorrow, running a bit more
Never give up

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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

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