Stray Kids – Victory Song (승전가)

Listen to this victory song

Stray Kids ah
Listen to this victory song
Listen to this victory song

Roll the dice hunnid times
I know even with my eyes closed
Roll the dice, I’m throwing it all
victory song all the time
I hear the victory song even with my ears closed

The free spirit of the winner, a smile on my face
Who’s like me? Who can be like me?
Get the (oops) out of here
Such an aromatic flower path, drunk with the scent
I’m flying higher, my existence alone is against the rules

I’ll never stop
I’ll throw it all, I’ll go all out
I’m fighting a fight I’ll win anyway
Throw it all

I’ll never fall back
Overflowing with confidence and a fighting spirit
Throw it all

The shouts of a winner

I’m going forward, I’m going up, fly high
Who can dare stop me?
The king of the jungle, tiger, an anaconda to swallow you
I’m going toward my goal, going higher

What do you mean what do I do? amateurs
What do you mean what do I do? so funny
It’s either black or white
Whatever direction the compass points
Hurry, I got it, I can go anywhere
I’m only satisfied once I arrive

The atmosphere is hot, my passion is lit on fire
I’ve never learned to be afraid of failure
There’s no height I can’t go over
Just believe in myself
I’ll climb up one by one

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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

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