You still shine on me
Always like a miracle, my heart never changes
I used to be so confident
But now I don’t see that side of me anymore
Will I be able to be your resting place?
Sometimes, I’m afraid of myself
Because of my rushed responsibilities
I’m worried you might get hurt
If a shadow covers your light
I can’t see
I get confused again
It’s not like me
But you still smile for me
It’s you
Will I be able to protect you?
I’m afraid
Here I go again
Darkness comes into my heart again
I’m swaying
Our dream is slowly fading
I need to escape
Before the darkness swallows me up
I’m trying so hard to overcome
I’m centering myself
So I can hold onto your light till the end
I’m gonna win this fight
I can’t handle the weight on my shoulders
The more you become precious to me, the more afraid I am
When I’m covered with the shadow, my heart shakes
My anxiety grows, get away
When you’re only trusting me
If we’re together, that’s enough
Together, we’re perfect
You and me, and me and you, we’re already one
But what I say scatters like smoke
I’m afraid you’ll disappear too, from my hands
What am I to you?
I don’t know
I need assurance
So my heart won’t change
Because to me, you’re my everything
Trust me
I won’t let go till the end
Never let you go
Stay with me
All of my lost worries are all for you too
You came to me like a wave
Will I be able to handle it?
If you see my anxiety
Will you leave me?
I’m sure I may seem like a fool
But because of you, right now, I’m

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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

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