Stray Kids – Double Knot

I’m letting out the worries that were tangled in my head
I don’t care about the question: where should we go?
Wherever my feet go, wherever it is, I’m runnin’
I’m tightening my shoelaces again, movin’

Now I’m free! Get up
I can go anywhere
Free! Get up
I’ll go my own way, so get out of the way
Free! Get out
Wherever I go, mind your own business

I used to curl up in a ball but now I’m straightening up
I can walk anywhere, I can feel relaxed
I can make dirt roads into sparkling roads
I can make it a dramatic ending like a director
Life is a masterpiece so

Tie it up, make it stronger

Tie it tighter, double knot
Tie it tighter, double knot

I’ll go anywhere, go go
I’ll go wherever I want, go go
I’ll go anywhere, go go

Wherever I wanna go

Like unpredictable dice, like a coin with no sides
I don’t care which side of me shows
I’ll look at the directionless compass and keep going

Even if I don’t get a lot out of this
It’s alright, even if I’m just one out of a hundred
If you get greedy and use all the colors on a blank piece of paper
You’ll just get black

I used to only look at one place
But now my perspective has broadened
My eyes are on many different paths now
I see all the forks in the road, my eyes growing bigger
Go! Break all the, break all the rules
Wherever my feet touch
Until my breath runs out

Whether I stop or not, ey ey
Wherever I go, ey ey
Whatever I do or not
It’s all whatever I want

Double knot
Double knot
Go! Go! Go! Go!
Go! Go! Double knot

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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

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