Zico & Wendy (Red Velvet) – My Day Is Full Of You (나의 하루는 다 너로 가득해)

Having met you is like a dream
You came into my heart as a light
I will place you in my eyes
So I can forever protect you, by my side

I’ll make time for you
I’ll listen to your stories
I’ll put a smile on your face

The world is filled with you
It’s starting to resemble you
Wherever I look, it’s all you

It’s you, yeah
Every single day, without fail, I miss you, even when I’m looking at you
Even when you’re next to me, I’m asking, where are you?
Yesterday, today, tomorrow, my heart feels like spring, summer and fall
Now the clock hands have stopped, pointing toward us
It’s you yeah

The temperature of our words are always warm in our conversations
Each word is different now, it went from “me” to “you”
I think we’re finally here, in this place that was too far to travel alone
There are no other promises or wishes that I need to make

Having met you is like a dream
How did we predict this?
I’m slowly going closer to you
Just stay in my embrace like this

Early in the morning, every time I open my eyes
I think of you, without even knowing
I start to smile

As I see how I’m changing
I answer myself
To me, it’s always you

Love is the most beautiful thing
When I think about you, I start to run out of breath
My heart pounds so loudly, I can hear it
I think I’ve laughed all the laughs I could in this short period of time

You’re the only one for me
So much

I love you, I’m so happy
Having met you is like a dream
You gave light to my days
The world is filled with you

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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

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