VAV – Made For Two

You and I
The memories spread out through the small cracks
Our Memory

Slowly, I’m getting closer
To being with you

Overlapping memories in that clear mirror
My eyes are blinded by the brightness

My days used to be colorless
But you filled it up so clearly

Going past this scene
Love Love Love Awake

I long for each moment
With you

Made for two
Love Love Love is pain
It’s so true
Love Love Love feels great

This episode is over
But I can’t escape this method
Wake me up
In this melodrama that is you, made for two
Taking the “bye” away from “goodbye” and coloring it black
In the darkness
Only you shine
So don’t leave me

Countless pieces make up this view
Shooting like a star, overflowing here

We were one
So even our sad farewell is beautiful

I wanna hear your
Love Love Love Again
And all of your honest feelings
That you whispered to me

Made for two
Love Love Love is pain
It’s so true
Love Love Love feels great

Oh, don’t stop
It’s like a dream now
When I close my eyes
It feels like a disappearing dream

Made for two
Love Love Love with you

I need time, stop
All the times we spent together
Have become the past, it’ll become yesterday
But memories cannot be stop
Even when I close my eyes, it’s so clear
I can’t erase my memories
We were in a midsummer night’s dream
I’ll tell you before I wake up
I like you

Even if everything fades so easily
With time
I hope these feelings
Won’t come to an end

Oh, I’m waiting
It’s not the end now
When I open my eyes
We’ll be together again
Made for two
Love Love Love with you

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