NTX – Survive

When everyone was staring at me, I got angry and rebelled
When everyone turned away from me, I got scared and yelled
They nag and tell me to do this and that, why? Why?
I guess the world won’t change
Look at me
I’m being tested every day
Don’t want this kind of life, no
Don’t trap me, baby
I wanna be free
So even when it’s hard, I can go haha
I’m going for my future, go
Don’t trap me
Woo (Kill it! Kill it!) *3
(Kill it!)
Again today, I’m dancing, dancing, in a straight line
Raising my voice, shouting out loud
Do I think I’m some sort of hotshot? Am I being rude?
Put away your nagging, get out my way ay
Hey, stop being bossy!
Look at sea now Whoa Whoa
Look at sea now Whoa Whoa
Look at sea now Whoa Whoa
We are all born new Superstars, life is a competition
I was born to (sur) survive without any hesitation
I’m gonna be a confident idol, So erryday erryday guide
Nothing can stop me, I’m strong, feel this vibe
You late late late late late
Even after you practice, you’re underneath me
Every day, every day, every day, I’m
hustlin’ hustlin’ hustlin’
I wanna be Rap star Rap star
I wanna be Rock Star Rock Star
We gonna be Pop Star Pop Star
In the end, we’re Monster Brrrra!!

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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

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