DJ Wegun & Jay Park ft. Kim Sim Ya – Twist The Plot

Aim for the highest
I been a trouble
A riot
Fight it till I make you quiet
Old sport doing young things
Make daddy proud
Go retire
Never going broke bitches going broke
I’m embracing my twisted life
You should go and check
What you worth boy
I do not speak to you small entertainments
Bitch I think I got some problems
My boat is broken, I’m a pirate now
I don’t care, I lost everything to give you
I get 21 but I just hit it
Pocket dues, well I just split it
Damn I’m so twisted
I don’t need support
I go and twist the plot

Twist the plot

Listen up everybody
I gotta story to tell
Where u think u goin’?
Probably heaven or hell
I can play the lion
U can play the gazelle
I’ve landed on Neptune
I ain’t talking Pharrell
I twist the plot
So freakin’ hard and kiss ya broad
I’m on her skin like chicken pox
I leap like frog and flow like God
I be the problem OD like ODD
Demeanor violent

Middle finger up like Pac add another one lemme say my piece
They working u like a dog minus fur minus love minus leash

Me and my people eat till we’re full
Everyone tries to get in on this but there’s no room
All the clean souls have become tainted
All the heroes I looked up to have now died
I’ll bury you all, I don’t give a fuck
Survival of the fittest if u wanna make a buck
Throw me the ball, it’s baller or bust
No time for warm ups, got no time for no rust
My fingers are so fucking busy
Unlike reality, there are no rules
You like? Ok, let’s make a provocative thumbnail
Sold my soul to have the world
Yeah, what’s with all the fuss
Long as me, long as I make a plus
Trolls live under bridges
But they hiding in us
So there’s no love or no trust

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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

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