Lil Boi, Wonstein, Chillin Homie, Skyminhyuk – Freak (Show Me The Money 9)

After the sun went down
I left the house
I live each day backwards
When morning comes, my eyes grow red
When everyone else is going home
I finally get off
They look at me strangely, just as I predicted
Empty streets, neon signs, yeah
The lights don’t kill my vibe yeah
I’m here alone
But I’m on fire
From some point, I started talking less
My friend, who hasn’t called in a while
Said it feels like it’s too much to meet me
Cuz I’m on tv, lookin’ busy
But I’m the same
I guess what I see
Is different from you
but I’m alright
Even though I’m alone
Got to fight the feelings
But as you know
I’m so used to that word

Guess I’m a freak
I’m always alone
Am I broken somewhere?
and I’m a freak
I’m dancing
When everyone is asleep

Wingardium leviosa
My grandpa came to me
Telling me that I’ll make it big if I go with trot
Telling me to stop with my gibberish music and to learn something else
But who knew? Afterwards, the music I made
Made my grandpa shed tears uncontrollably, as if he’s under a spell
Took me five years for him to acknowledge me and for me to come this far
Life is like a sitcom or a comedy
Suddenly, the elders around me turn their heads to look at me
But like I said yesterday, even when I get old, they pay me
That’s my spirit, like Rayleigh
I’m talking about comics like a kid
But I wanna believe that magic will happen some day
If the name Wonstein is this known, I’ll make it my middle name
This may sound lame but I wanna push back saying I’ll push back

Guess I’m a freak
I’m always alone
Am I broken somewhere?
and I’m a freak
I’m dancing
When everyone is asleep

I’ll be loyal, though I got hurt
I know this world is real
When darkness comes,
we chill with homies
It’s gonna be alright

My life ain’t easy I’ve been through
I’ve gotten used toit now but
I’m still afraid of this city’s lights
Between that, the camera lights shine on me
The cold eyes were too much for a 22 year old
So I had to act strong
Cuz I can’t lose, I had to endure
I wanna rest too, mom I miss you
Though I know that it’s an unwelcome truth
But it be like that sometimes, i’s alright
Mom, your oldest son won’t stop
I ain’t trippin’, swear to god I ain’t trippin’
Even though it’s not that up high, I came this far
My life’s like a movie, there is no failure in my ending

Three friends renting one room
Knowing it wouldn’t work but still drunk with dreams
Who cares? We’re young, we’ll get drunk and throw up
Friend, let’s do it, no big deal, okay
Putting on my apron
And going to work at a bbq restaurant
I got scolded a lot
Why am I so bad at this?
The old lady customer’s words made me cry, wait
She said if you don’t do good in school, you’ll become like me
That she didn’t need to meet my parents to know what kind of person they are
I gritted my teeth, telling her that I’ll show her
That Lee Min Hyuk will fulfill his dreams and return
I told you, I couldn’t see ahead
But Warmman and Grandline showed me the way
I’m gonna repay them for their love
So the words I’m gonna shout is show me the money

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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

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