Lil Boi ft. Loco, Jay Park & Gray – ON AIR (Show Me The Money 9)

woh I’m on air
Walking on clouds every day
hunnit dolla bills in my pocket
But my footsteps are light
I’m in a different place from five years ago
A different state of mine
It may seem like I have so much to lose
But honestly, I don’t care
aye say hello to my little friend like woh
Even after time, I’m on it (on it)
I’ve never had to think of petty tricks
I stayed away for a while
But you know, my rap is iconic
Gray hyung’s beat
This is family business
Lighting a bigger fire, we gotta keep it real
We came together again, Team AOMG
I’ve grown, think this is the one
I’ve come this far, how I can see far ahead
I clearly remember
The day it ended and I went back home
But today, I’ll put a full stop to this
And go back properly
same team same squad but different day
If something has changed, I want to actually see it
I’m making new history
so come see me live now

We on air
You’re bout to watch me dance
We go up, we go way up
Swimming in the clouds

It took time
But the winner is gonna be who I said anyway
It’s dangerous, dangerous, live TV
Save me a seat in the fire pit
This is the team I dreamed of from five years ago on TV
We’re back but with loosened angles
We’ve matured like hydroponics
Again, I can be your party band
In everywhere, I’m groovy
They still seem so stupid
Gotta show them to dispel their worries
Hurry and pause the shooting, it’s alright
Get comfortable
Just like how AOMG’s Jay Park
Treats you with loyalty
My revenue, I don’t know, I don’t know
Now I’m going to the next level, worried about my health
Can’t even see my rhomboid glossitis
It became my goal to feel lighter
So I’m cutting my hair once again
Going on Show Me again
At one call from Lil Boi
As the red light turns on
Let’s go

We on air
You’re bout to watch me dance
We go up, we go way up
Swimming in the clouds

I’m on air
If you’re top class, I’m God Tier
Since 2010, each year, it’s my year
classic like Illmatic like I’m Nasir
Show Me can’t go on without AOMG or H1GHR
I’m the CEO of both those labels
A perfect story
Hyukwoo saw me and learned loyalty
That’s the big boss
Still, yeah I’m still on that boss shit huh
Listen to the H1GHR compilation, that’s mob shit huh
Bottom hustle fucking hard huh
Just take care of it, ok dude?
Future boss, I’m entrepreneur
One soju, gonna release next year, pour up
I’ll leave with a salute, no hatin’
I’m becoming a legend, like yellow Jay-Z
Jay-Z never change
Grind grind on the daily
I can reject millions, that’s flex
My picture keeps growing
Success is my talent
Entertainment & Sports Worldwide
Who can properly represent us?
doin’ that part
let me tell you
BTS, Bong Joon Ho, Son Heung Min, Jay Park
Let’s go

yeah walkin’ on air
Feels like walking on clouds
goin’ up already there
yeah focus on me
All cameras pointed at me
oh where they at
magic carpet ride
Fly far away
hocus pocus now, yeah yeah yeah yeah
Even when I clash against reality
It’s possible because I had a dream
when i was a little boy
Life is short but art lives long
I’m pouring out my all tonight
Zion.T and Giriboy
AOMG and Lil Boi
Jay Park, GRAY, Loco
The winner is Lil Boi
Victory ceremony
Kissing your ring finger

We on air
You’re bout to watch me dance
We go up, we go way up
Swimming in the clouds

We on air
You’re bout to watch me dance
We go up, we go way up
Swimming in the clouds

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