Weeekly – Wake Up (Hello, Me! OST Part 1)

Feels like I’m trapped in an unknown maze
I feel so dizzy, so mixed up
If this is a dream, please I want to wake up
What do I do?
Am I the only one who fell into this strange place?
Wherever I go, things look so flashy
Why am I the only one who looks so out of place?
I don’t know, this isn’t me

I want to going back
Snap out of it, oops
Somebody tell me now

Someone once said to enjoy the moment
So I wanna brightly smile and greet the moment
I won’t stop, I’m here so wake up

If I can’t go back, I wanna start again
I won’t hide
I’m still me, I’m here, so wake up now

I’ll be so cool and say goodbye to the times that have gone
There’s only one life to live, let’s start again, hello
I can be anything, cast a spell
Don’t be cautious
No matter what anyone says, I worked hard
I’m just taking a short break
I can take my time, I’m not too late
This will make me stronger

I’m gonna take it all
Even this shining gold is all mine
I’m gonna have an electric love too
tell me everything is alright

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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

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