The Quiett, Simon D, Nucksal, Jay Park, Loco, pH-1, Changmo, Yumdda – Mentors (High School Rapper 4)

yea now we back to school
Back then, rap was everything, after school
That kid became a master Q
I showed you last time so this is episode 2
We not avengers, we’re just killer mentors
Get up kids, the opportunity is
knockin’ at your doors
Let’s go once more, even if your efforts betrayed you
If you don’t wanna, then don’t, that is why I’m international
I get cash, I smell it and run, dash
Taking another deep breath and with the beat, whiplash
til I get there uh can’t stop baby
Because the world is under my feet

When I was in high school
There was no such thing as rap lessons
It was all just self-study
So I joined the school band and rapped at a school festival
Instead of being rock vocals
After that, my popularity soared
And I became a mentor
I looked at my friend’s lyrics
Even during class

If you rapped on the streets, you were called a delinquent
That was my 90’s
Now that delinquent became a prince
I’m your highness
If I got married early
Maybe I would’ve had a teenager
84, year of the rat, I’m still cookin’ soul, ratatouille

A lot of trials and errors made my finesse
I even doubted my self a lot
But now I believe in myself
Is there an answer to life? There’s only choices
I remember it all
Even the atmosphere when I first listened to hip-hop

High school rap, it’s a good opportunity
Who’s next? How about you all?
I hope it’ll be a fun time mixed with competition
If you try to be the best, you’ll actually leave first, so calm down
Step by step, there is a time and place
When the time comes, show us your realness, with purity
So the mentors who are quietly looking at the stage can get up
How good can kids really be? They get millions of views
It’s so hot, the passion is like direct heat
This is a world cup, this is FIFA
Team play and individual plays shine
It’s art, Vienna, I wish you luck
Till the last voice trembles, good vibes

Man I swear to God this for me
and ma bros
At the end of the pain, a beautiful flower has bloomed
Efforts never betray you
AOMG H1GHR gang for life

Everyone’s here, it’s the leaders of the rap game
Don’t need no fake characters, homie
I don’t need no rap name
Whatever situation I’m in, I keep going forward
This isn’t a campaign, it’s
real life ain’t no need for hash tags

I’m a director and a player on the field
In this scene, you will need my help
To all my young life
It’s about the quality of the journey rather than the results
Take this to heart, no cap, that’s the real

Gimme that K2
Used to walk with twelve feet
But with privileged luck overnight
Among all those crooked cops
At Gwanghamun on the weekends
Brand new Lambo, hop out the cop car
My mood is like a scam
Car keys turning off, turning back time
I was grinding with a hammer

At the Joonggyebon-dong Office, 1142 was my STU CHECK
During lunch at Jaehyun High School, I skipped playing soccer
Going back to those times
The freestyle I spit out in the classroom was pretty dope
School was just a waiting room, when I was untainted
It was the metaphor I used

I see the views increasing exponentially
If you all judge with your own bias
The drama can be easily written
The Satgatbong Peak is in front of my name
In my teens and even till now
No one has written me a script
Not a single word

I used to used to get
my bars up in high school
I had more aptitude in music than classrooms
I can’t forget, shout out to Taylor, we made it
Dreams became reality
Used to record under the blankets in my basement
Now I hear my name every day
made it out
make a hit, then I repeat
The album you released is just whatever
But my face is on TV
she love the way that I talk
You’re jealous for some reason
My new brothers, we change history
Instead of a chopper, I’m grabbing a pen
you don’t speak our
my brothers live inside a dream
This is a chance
Grab it
you can take it
What you will write is a documentary or an entertainment

Yessir yessir
Gang Gang, if you don’t know me, you’re not the right one
It’s hard to be older in this newer generation
Deokso is more famous than any rich neighborhood
If I were to go back to the times I was up against them 10:1
I was scribblings with my dudes in school
My art teacher who supported us
Wanted to become like Banksy
Billionaire, it’s the picture me and the guys wanted
That’s how we reached 28
And finally we made it, Libilly
Changmo, the neighborhood star
With a foreign car in front of that building
I’m in the center
Spraying money in the thousands
I’m not from Seoul
Let me tell you about Gyeonggido
Wassup governor of Gyeonggido
His eyes turn to Deokso High School, stand up
I’m looking back with my town, wi win
Namyangju is the next place
Come here, I believe in you

I never went to school
Because I kept yawning
My teacher was YouTube
My gym teacher kept poking at me
No first love but only first experience
Kids loved Two Two
My favorite subject was money
But it wasn’t in the books so I closed them
Always wore my uniform with my air force ones
Oil on them
My teacher always said
Music can’t make me money
What? shut the f
Entrance exams were small and my dreams were big
My mom cried every day
My younger sibling cried every day
I never brought home my report card
My mom hates jjajangmyun
So I just gave her cash

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