Park Won – You’re Free

I’m sure you had no intention of hurting us
You just found the answer quicker than expected
Because you’re brighter than anyone I know
You discovered that there is no pain in that place

This song of this land can’t go up any higher
I’m sure you already have on your angel’s wings

Confidently follow the sun and play in that place
Go to the island of cakes that you wanted to eat
Ride a donut tube and cross the water
I heard that place has the magic
From the books we read together
All the things you couldn’t do here because it was scary and painful
In that place, you’re free

You made laughter and I spoke through songs
Whenever we got tired of that
We used to curse and say useless things together
We had no secrets
Even though you made fun of me every day
When someone bothered me
You hated that person more than anyone else

Confidently follow the sun and jump around in that place
You can swim in the ocean that you always wanted to go to
Then you’ll meet that square and yellow friend
All the things we imagined here
You can do it all, eat it all and see it all in that place
Now forget everything, you’re free

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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

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