Kim Young Heum – Black Rain (Dark Hole OST Part 4)

Under the sharp and falling black rain
I’m all alone

Raindrops heavily welling up on my shoulders and feet
Until the end

Even when I hold out my hand and wave
It hazily spreads

There’s no reason or answer here
Just stained souls

The cold air wraps around me
Only dry air comes out my lips

So hungry and miserable
The black and blue clouds rise again

The shadow that was next to me
Even that has gone far away

There’s no knowing the beginning or end
Only scars remain

The night has quietly arrived
My sighs still don’t know where to go
It erases all the words I wanted to say
So I’m walking once again

I can’t stop or go back
There are just stained souls

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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

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