Jay Park & YLN Foreign & D.Ark & 365LIT & pH-1 & LIlBOI & Lee Young Ji & Ourealgoat & Choo & OSUN – DNA Remix

Jay Park)
I fall but I get up again
I’m a legend
So take a photo with me before I die
I stand on my ten toes
My two legs have become a pillar for many
If you think I’m moving lazily then you’ll get an error in your system
Soul of lion’s what I got on my chest
Morals and principle come before checks
They tried to imprison me but I escaped before I became a slave
I chose death
Each year, I make things happen, setting records again
I’m a nice guy but at the same time, I fill up my bank account
Korean blood in my veins
I won’t ever back down
Man, it’s in my DNA

In my DNA
In my DNA
In my DNA
In my DNA
In my DNA
It’s the difference between you and me
In my DNA
Whatever I cook, it’s delicious
In my DNA
I’m up too high
In my DNA
I ain‘t Tupac but I’m a ridah

YLN Foreign)
Get your hands
I don’t want to speed race
I gave up, I’m tired now
Think whatever you want
That I copied that guy to make money
You sell your voice and make money
Comments I’ve seen twice, I act like I’ve never seen it before
Cuz I gave up now
That’s okay
Come here, let me give you more
Yo, you all are genuine
If you kept my secret, thanks
If he does it, it’s an homage
If I do it, it’s a copy
So who’s the one who worked with Jay Park later? facts
Yeah baby
Yeah bow wow
Yeah one time
Yeah aye
DNA So fresh
Play with new face
Love your hate
I’m DNA Foreign
In my YLN

My Blood shining like VVS
All other bloodlines are boring
All those fake hip-hop acts, VS
They said I should quit being a rapper
Just because I was on TV
Even if I do music like business
I’m more hip-hop than you, I’m from the ghetto
I wanna more metro boomin
I used to have my middle fingers up
Pants below the line, dragging on the floor
Playing Big Poppa all the time
But I’m throwing away all my useless pride
My mind is my home county so I’m aiming my gun
Just like Sangjae, I can’t lose
When I rap, it becomes like a measuring stick
According to my company, you’re a deficit
So remember the three characters of my name, Kim Woo Rim
I can rob everything from you
Cuz I’m rap & sing & dance like Jay Park

I’m a person whose research has gone wrong
From the Project Genome
I gotta hurry and make a kid
One guy, two guys, three guys
To make the carols of Sungsoodong into a compilation album
Anyone can come at me
I’m an invincible Rambo
Mad Max shit
Bitch I’m ridah
If you come under my legs, I’ll trample you out
My value keeps rising
Bitches tryna find out
See where I am
You’re knocked down
Yeah I hit that dough
Yeah I hit em’ up hit em’ up hit em’ up
Yeah I ballin’ like I’m Migos
Get in there get in there get in there
I have three hearts
Going shoo shoo shoo on the field
Hop in the dump truck
Handle goes Skrr skrr skrr skrr

I’m built different
Threatening the ecosystem
Be aware
I’m dangerous
Fools make up fake stories
I’m so sick of it
You all just continue to live in the Internet
I’m with my man
He YLN Foreign my benzo
it go Skr skr skrrrrr
When I go to the bank, my entrance song is Brr brr brrrrr
We be stacking mula for the family
I eat till I’m full
Your music sucks
How can you become a has-been at that age?
So I realized
My broken fantasies
It’s so dirty here
For what reason did you sell your soul?
Even if my car and house change
There’s no way my DNA will change
H1ghr gang we the clique

In my DNA
In my DNA
In my DNA
In my DNA

It’s in my DNA
Tomorrow’s got a feelin’
It’s a new feeling
My black beanie image
Just like the villain
It’s about time I get sick of it
But I got a call
It’s Jaebyum hyung, OK
I’ma go kill it
There’s nothing that special to this
What’s the point of saying it?
I’m the boss
My diamond isn’t anywhere else but my wrist
My time is gold
My time shines
Look what I did
In just half a year
I’ve climbed to the top
It’s always so new
Doing nothing is so harmful to me
Cuz I see now
Where I should go
So I’m confidently moving
Like it was in my DNA

Lee Young Ji)
So why u trippin’?
Just take that all you got
I show my one and only drippin’
My dominant genes take it all
Even in this silent, ashy city, I keep going forward
Nailing in my DNA, tongue twistin’
Thanks to that, this young child can get it
All that bands, like the only
Yeah then who gon’ beat me
I’m quite serious
Executing optimistic accidents
Looking success squarely in the face
Umm kinda trippy!
Ohh I can’t get out of this (taste)
Go forward
Going bow wow to the enemy camp
This beat got me feelin’ like ahhh
I won’t steal your gimmick
Compared to the big game, your limit is low
No doppin’
Stop bluffin’
I made it with my original DNA
Ain’t got nothin’ to lose
You’re facing a new phenomenon of success
Look through my genes
I’ve switched out that innocent lady outfit
At around the same time next year
My residence will change, U got this?

I got a Glock
This is my turf
Cop the stage for the real ones
So much jealously coming my way
It’s my DNA’s fault
The reason why those guys are so angry is complicated
I used to be on the bottom but now that I’m on the top, I feel so bad for them
Till I shed tears of blood
I kept my eyes open and kept doing it my way
Some say that I’m going against the rules
That makes me feel empty, it’s just because of my swag
Look in the mirror, I know you
You can’t win over your anger every day
So you live in cowardice and sulk
Those who doubt me always have so much to say
They’ll laugh at me and say “he won’t last long”
Open your eyes wide and watch carefully, I’m always in front of you
This is my ambition, you’ll need to keep a gun near your head

Whenever I suffer over wanting a Rarri
I feel cocky
I’m ballin’
Whenever I snap out of it and open my eyes, it’s morning
Making money is like a lie
So the Saim is just sticking to me
Feeling the distance
Now that I went through it, I believe in optical illusions
Not tired even for a moment
I’m always walking
I’m selling my swag
Now break it like a cop
Know it from 80
Make some DNA and .
I’m not nice but I need to be
I came a long way
But I can’t stop here
Feelin’ DNA
I always try something different
Bring me whatever failure
Bring me a pistol
I shine
Now it’s time to switch my DNA
I’m rolling my r’s
You all should cover your behinds

Attention please
The more attention I get, the more I shine
Another DNA
I was born with it
I’ve been to here
I only drew this out in my dreams
But after really getting here, it’s not a big deal
No one’s taking what’s theirs, why
All white
Dancing with AF1’s, YLN
From my head to my toes, I’m ready to wear
I’m not the same me from 1 year ago
Kids who shit on me are now behind
Standing there like a frozen corpse
I’m Dali Van Picasso
You need gene edit
If you wanna be me
You gotta switch my DNA
Like Lama hyung
The way I think is always different, lyricist
OK no cap
No pain no gain
They told me it’s ok if you’re not in this
All day, how is it?
No thank, it’s too much
Arrogance in my DNA

In my DNA
In my DNA
In my DNA
In my DNA
In my DNA
It’s the difference between you and me
In my DNA
Whatever I cook, it’s delicious
In my DNA
I’m up too high
In my DNA
I ain‘t Tupac but I’m a ridah

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