Yoo Yeon Jung (WJSN) & MJ (Sunny Side) – Guardian Angel (수호천사)

My love, please don’t cry
Don’t be sorry
You’re the greatest gift I received in my life

The stars in the night sky will shine on you
I remember the warmth of your embrace
And our beautiful days together
You always looked at me and smiled, I’m so thankful to you
I can hear your voice warmly calling out to me

I’m worried about you
You, living without me
I’m sorry, I hurt you and loevd you

I think of you more when the cold wind blows
The faraway memories of us holding hands at the bus station
Keep talking to me
Do you think of me sometimes? Are you sick anywhere?
I try to get over you but you keep building up in me
Everything felt so full when I held you
Even my uncertain future

Even if tears fall and your heart aches
Please endure
You must be happy even without me
For me

My love, please don’t cry
Don’t be sorry
You’re the greatest gift I received in my life

If you looked back at me once more
I would’ve held onto you
Because you gave me happines when I didn’t have it before
I didn’t want to let you go
As I was hurting from looking at the back of you
I had to swallow my tears
(All of our memories)
When all the memories of you start to spread
I might go looking for you
Then if I hold your hand, will you come back to me?
There was no one else in the world
Who was as nice as you and gave me happiness
I loved you and I was able to be loved
Now goodbye

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