Jay Park (ft. Ugly Duck, Woodie Gochild, Hoody) – Birthday Remix

Under the clear skies
It’s a good vibe
Hot summer party
Take a sip of champagne
Feels good to be alive, tomorrow is coming
All day, I could do this all day
In the summer, we gon celebrate
It’s your birthday
It’s your birthday
It’s your birthday
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Jay Park, Ugly Duck – NOWHERE

I swear to god i swear to god
yeah man i really do this shit
My music is always killin it
I have only one flaw, it’s alcohol
I go around the world and make money
I write my lyrics on my iphone
When I want a better watch, a better car
I think of them
My mom and dad and sibling
My friends in America
My AOMG employees and family
Even if I can help my relatives
I’m happy
I’m happy if they’re healthy
All other things, I’m thaknful for
If you interfere with that, I’ll assassinate you
Why are there so many calls these days
Asking if I’m free?
Superman has returned
I’m so busy saving the earth
I feel like Tablo
im on an epik high
New clothes and new shoes, im extra fly
But my heart is always the same
But my car is white, I switched to Bentley
Blacka blacka blacka
Take a shota likea choppa
Just one life to live, drink
Take pix, click click
I will break you camera
camera camera
Rap designer panda
panda panda panda
On a new level level level
God save me from
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