Code Kunst (ft. Loopy, PUNCHNELLO, Ugly Duck) – Cruz

Don’t ask me why
I‘m always late
You can race
I’m on my way
My homies left
I’m always late but I’m going right
Cuz now I’m cruzin’
I’m walking slowly
Right now I’m cruzin’

I wake up at around 2
I don’t like the sun in my eyes
Outside my black curtains
The world only rips apart each other
I’m just trying to go faster than you, farther
Or you be losing some
On my Facebook, Insta and Twitter
So many haters
Baby mama I need you right now
I need you right now
I need to stop
Right now I’m chillin‘
After I stop for a bit, I turn off the engine

Then I turned on the speaker
Bumpin to the song I wanna listen to
Thinking of a better life
Taking my time, coffee in my one
Cigarette in the other, burning slowing
Wondering where everyone’s going in such a hurry
Honestly, I have no greed
Dreams that are yet unfulfilled
As always, I may seem pitiful but I go with it
Damn, it’s a tempo I can’t keep up with
In your eyes, I’m a slow poke
Of course, I’m late again to the studio
I’m an embarrassment to CoKun
I’m sorry for being late
But I live however I want, take that
Takes two times more than
yours tho but I’m satisfied with my job

I’m living in a place where it’s always fast
Where are you?
It’s passing me by so meaninglessly
Can anything be sweeter than taking my time?
To those who pretend it’s no big deal
Is that really effective? I don’t really care
Cuz they’ll go on their way
There’s no need to be suddenly busy
After I make sure why I’m going
All eyes gather around the same place
Everyone’s just saying what they need to do
All the same, seriously, all the same
The coffee I pour, I enjoy slowly every day
Even the speaker that resembles me is the same
The tempo that it spits out
But still, I’m standing here
So you can’t say anything

Rather than saying I have a lot of fear
I prefer a relaxed life
Being fast is hard, I spend each day like it’s an anniversary
I wanna reach my destination happily, so I’m going slowly
There’s no meaning in acting harshly

It’s just a difference of method
I have assurance so I’m walking slow
Maybe I can seem like I’m being selfish
But my quickly beating heart
Is making my meaning even clearer
It brightens the path I need to go on
If you want something, speed is just a word
If you’re going towards your goal
The result is up to you anyway and it’ll be better
Living however you want is the reason you should live

Stretching out my legs, sitting like I’m laying down, like a CEO
Few pieces of ice and Coke & rum
The reason I work is only money
My only interest is Netflix and chill
The woman on the beach, the shady Banyan Tree
Coronas and Honolulu Waikiki
Going to the southern sea is also nice
If it’s like that, my retirement will be perfect
Send away the busy person first, give them my greetings
I’ll follow behind so I’ll meet you there
They say happiness and success are two separate things
But if that’s true, let me have a little more fun before I go
Just raise your glass, relax
Even if it’s forcing it, be slow
Only see and hear what you want to see and hear
Relax your eyes, pretend you already have everything
Living like you’re being chased has many problems
Like you already know, and it’s natural
Just cancel all of the past
Draw the life you want, life is short
Who am I? Where am I?
I found out, I’m just always standing here
I know, living slow
Isn’t as easy as it sounds in this place

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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

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