Park Ji Yoon – I Do (I Do I Do OST)

They say it will hurt like a lie
They say I won’t go long before I raise my hands
But it’s strange, I’m gaining more strength
Whenever I see you, who is dreaming the same dream as me

It’s like a cold that will get better over time
So don’t turn around and let out a sigh
Even if you see my tears, pretend you didn’t see them
I’ll believe in you and I won’t grow weak

* Yes I do, like me, I do
My heart is still beating
Tell me that I’m right, as if it’s a show
Believe in me, say me I do

Even if I see a splitting path
I won’t take backward steps
Because sad memories will end some day
And some day, we will smile together

* Repeat

Please don’t be shaken
Don’t let go of your grasped dreams
It’s a valuable life so it’s okay

For you, forever I do
Though it hurts, I have no regrets

Again, I do, everyday I do
We’ve come closer than yesterday
The day that will be fulfilled as we look at the same place
Please hold me, say me I do

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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

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