Juniel – Everlasting Sunset

When I look at the path that reminds me of you when the sun sets,
You warmly come to me in a time of longing
And just as you’re about to touch me, you disappear
In between the faint times, the thick tears, the falling leaves
You flicker off and get farther away and I’m only watching like a fool

If I hadn’t let go of that hand back then
Then you and I, we would’ve been so different

* When I walk on this path that turned yellow
Will the remaining parts of you in me be erased?
On this path that I always walked and held hands with you
And everlasting sunset

The fading autumn sky embraces your shadows little by little
You vaguely fade away again and I can’t say anything to you

If I had been honest and held onto you back then
Wouldn’t I have been able to see your affectionate self again?

In the sky that is spread with the sunset,
Will my heart, smeared with tears be expressed?
It still feels like I’m walking on this path with you
And everlasting sunset

When you silently disappeared, the small pieces of memories were left before my eyes
In the stopped time, I faintly hear your melody in my ears

* Repeat



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