f(x) – Zig Zag

Follow the twinkling light at the end of the dark tunnel
(It’s disappearing) Please close your eyes (don’t open them)
If I close my eyes again, I can faintly see that place
(Oh let me go there) I want to go there

Oh the breathtaking wind is blowing in my head
My heart is like a tambarine clink clink

The mystery island is not on a map
The old stories piled with dust,
They are fantasies implanted by a small bean
This dream grew bigger than my height

* Cross the sapphire river and cut down the forest of fog
At the end of the cut-down cliff (let’s fly, jump to the land)
On the path of the pebbles with slippery moss
Careful careful, watch out, zig zag (X2)

I’m sick of the fake clouds in my square drawer
(Bored and listless) There isn’t a single star (no way)
If I close my eyes, I hear it again, the songs of the shooting stars
(Do Mi Sol Do) I want to go out

Chase after the warm, milky sunlight
My lips are damp with the automatic humming

Put away the hard books for a moment
Today, put it all away and bon voyage
Turn up the speaker volume all the way
Now follow me to that place

** Pass the diamond castle and over the cheese fondue forest
Chewing chewing the gum (the rain – throw it in your hand)
Jump over the pieces of broken dreams like dangerous glass, zig zag (x2)

*** No one knows the end, just like the beginning
The beads of my sweat (drops and rolls down)
Nothing happens all at once, this place is like a maze
One Two Three Four Do It! Zig zag (X2)

Stop, let’s go into slow motion for a moment here
There’s no need to rush
Whether something is real or imagination or not
Wheter I’m the butterfly or the butterfly is me
Close and open, uh-oh, my body is trembling
Yeah, let’s go again, go




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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

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