Girls’ Generation – Paparazzi

Disclaimer: Accuracy of lyrics not guaranteed since it is an English translation of a Korean translation from Japanese.

Uh la la la la la la la
Uh la la la (oh oh oh oh oh oh)
Uh la la la la la la la
Uh la la la (With the Girls, With the Girls’ Generation)
(Cha cha cha cha)

You look here baby, or you’re on the phone ring ring
You act like everything’s normal but it’s so awkward
I already know – just as you, the paparazzi want,
I am smiling aha ha ha ha

Every night is a game of hide and seek
There are still many satellites
Don’t you want a better news article?
Let’s be friends, we’re on the same side anyway

* Life is a party – From the garage to the suite room
You are always there – boom boom boom
It’s a flashy car chase – all around
You’re attracted to the flowers – boom boom boom

A love that’s been given a price
It splits the darkness and the flashes on the sight of money
Life is a party – from the garage to the suite room
Awake or asleep, boom boom boom

Uh la la la la la la la
Uh la la la

If I hide it, they want to see it, the back of the screen
Even the person who pretends to be diligent goes la cha cha la
Even that dandy person, at home is like “mama mama”
Feeling nervous with that secret kiss

For real, we crazy night
The fluttering search light for a star
Bad boy bad girl, I don’t really care
Instead of being controlled, dancing is my style

Life is a party – the greater the damage, the more it sells
If it’s discovered, it’s the end – boom boom boom
The shadows are hidden at the end of the night
But I outrun it – boom boom boom

After the rumors shoot up as rumors
It burns up, before the burring
I’m just in love and receiving love
But I can’t believe this love is a tainted love as well
I can’t take it, I can’t take it (ah ah ah)

But it’s not the time for me to complain
Here and there, it’s boom boom boom
Because the more I show, the brighter I shine
Come on friends, look here, come here, la ta ta

* Repeat

Until the single falling drop of tear
Changes into a shining diamond
Life is a party – from the garage to the suite room (life is a party yeah)
Asleep or awake, boom boom boom


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