ZE:A – Aftermath (후유증)

This terrible aftermath…

I keep consuming alcohol when I can’t even drink well
I keep calling girls who I’m not even interested in
I thought I was doing this because I was lonely

Even if nothing is wrong for a while, when I smell the perfume you used to wear
Without knowing, I want to take out your photo and look at it

After you left, my love page has stopped
Your empty spot in my heart makes my tears well up
What should I do? How could you not know like this?
All night I talk to myself again, I wish I could turn back time uh

* I just endlessly cry, I just endlessly get sad
Every day after you left, I hate this pain of being left alone
I just keep endlessly crying, I keep endlessly getting sad
Every day after I loved you, I can’t sleep because of this terrible aftermath

I busily lose myself in work, meet up with friends so I have no time to think of you
I thought I was doing well without a chance to feel your empty spot
But what has happened? I think the words, “time heals all” is a lie
Why does it feel like only I am hurting all the time?

Aren’t you the same as me? Are you, by any chance, like me?
Was she also not able to erase my phone number?
Why am I acting like a fool like this? I told myself to forget but I’m like this again
Why did she leave me like this?

* Repeat

I wish I could turn back time, I wish I could turn back time.
If only I could turn back time, I wouldn’t lose you
On that rainy night, if I had held onto you
You would still be by my side – please come back, it’s too hard

* Repeat


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