Super Junior – Outsider

Just for today, I am an outsider
I’m an outsider who threw away all the complicated things
I won’t be concerned about anyone else
I will strut along my way like an outsider, outsider, outsider

I doze off in the bustling subway and I barely get off on my stop
After working my butt off from 9 to 5, the sun is setting and I am KOed
Why is it so hard to eat dinner with my long-time friend?
We used to go everywhere together, we used to be so close
But now it feels like we got distant – this can’t go on

* Repeat

** Wherever my footsteps take me, I’ll go to new places without a plan
Work, homework, worries – I will forget them just for today
I will become an outsider during my alone time

Ha, Ha Hey, let’s go, let’s go
If I turn off my phone, don’t think of anything and clear my head
Things will look so different when I go outside
Just pick any place like a jobless person
Stop contemplating – just taking a walk seems nice
If I think too much, things will get complicated again
My life will flow on anyway
Just for today, I will be a freestyle outsider for myself

** Repeat

I’m alone but I’m not lonely – I can feel things on my own more
Oh yeah, my heart is getting calm, my mood is getting better baby
I want to go on a unwalked path in my own way

* Repeat

** Repeat (x2)

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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

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