Lady Jane – Hello


Hello, it’s always the same smile and the same greeting
Hello, you’re always in the same spot
Hello, I’m also smiling but I’m a bit frustrated
Hello, we both clearly know that we like each other

1, 2, 3… Till when are you going to keep hesitating?
Are you going to try making moves just when my heart has cooled?

* Come here, hurry, like a man, approach me, hurry, bravely
I am waiting impatiently, come to me and tell me

** Grab my shoulders and look into my eyes
Breathtakingly whisper in my ear
That you only want me forever

Hello oh hello hello oh hello baby (x2)

Hello, being kind, having manners, being gentle – that’s all very nice but
Hello, I can’t have a cowardly man

1, 2, 3.. Till when will you only look for chances?
Are you saying that I should be cool and confess to you first?

* Repeat

** Repeat

Slightly trembling lips, fluttering eyes
It’s so cute, so lovable
But I know very well what you’re going to say
That’s enough for me because I felt the same way since the beginning

Was it that hard? Why are you so shy?
Why did you make me wait this long? I really hate you

Kiss me on the lips, come into my heart
Now everything of me is yours
I want to love only you forever

Hello oh hello hello oh hello baby (x2)


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