Taeha – My Girl


I want to be liked by you
I want you keep you in my eyes

I’ve been waiting for you for all this time
And now you’re in my heart, you’re in front of me

I need to hurry in case someone else takes you first
I want to tell you – can I show you my heart now?

* I’ll only look at you my girl
No matter what anyone says, you’re my girl
I only want you
Only look at me, girl
You’re the only one, you’re the best of my life

** For always, you’re my girl
Even after time passes, you’re my girl
You’re the reason why I live
I’ll protect you girl
Even if they give me the entire world, I’ll never switch with you
You’re my everything, you’re my girl

I found out how you felt
I got to have your eyes

You’ve waited for me for so long
And now I’m in your heart, I’m in front of you

When you smile like that, it feels like my heart will melt
Come inside my heart now, be held in my embrace

* Repeat

** Repeat

You came to me, who didn’t believe in love, and taught me happiness
I love you, only you, only my girl, my love

* Repeat

** Repeat

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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

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