U-KISS – Bad (나쁘다)


Bad, I’m bad

Your tangled hair, your blue eyes
Your white painted face with a smile

Will I be able to embrace you with my black scar?
Will I be able to leave you, who is crying and holding onto me?

* I’m bad, I’m bad
I’m leaving you because I’m sick of it all
I’m bad, I’m bad
I’m bad for leaving you, who is begging

** Oh please stop me
The tears that will leave you (tears that will leave you)
The tears that will pain you (tears that will pain you)
Oh please erase me
So you won’t be hurt, so you can forget me

Forget me, push me away, leave for today
Don’t act like you still love me
I’m drunk off your scent that fills my room
I want to throw it out (throw it out) and erase it (erase it)

Your shy face that whispered love to me
I will place it in my memories and make it flow out

The separation embraces me and lingers around me
Letting you go hurts and makes me miserable

* Repeat

** Repeat

Tell me that you hate me
So that letting you go is a bit easier

You used to fill my heart
Now leave me – please understand me

** Repeat

I’m bad

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