Girl’s Day – Girl’s Day World (Intro)


Yes, Follow Me, Girls Day we back! Yo Ready?

The woman of your fantasy (the dream-like us)
I’ll bring her before your eyes (Uh Uh Pretty Babe, Uh Uh Sexy Baby)

The wannabe girlfriend of all men (Only Girl’s Day’s)
Charms – we’ll let you hear it (Uh Uh We gorgeous, Uh Uh We awesome)

Sometimes sexy, sometimes haughty
Make you fall for my alluring eyes
Sometimes innocent, sometimes sweet
Acting cold as if I don’t know anything

We’re smart and we can knock down most beauties with our own beauty
With our sweet scent, you’re knocked down
Our alluring body will knock down everyone

I’m a new face that you’ve never seen before
It will never be erased from your head
I have a rare elegance – feel me (Just to that, Here we go!)

Uh oh, this is us, you won’t dare to imagine, Girl’s Day World
Come here baby, color your head with us

Uh Oh Girls Day World, Uh Oh Girls Day World,
Come here baby, don’t be shy – take courage and tell me your heart

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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

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