Girl’s Day – I Don’t Mind


The stars are twinkling for you tonight (tonight)
I get so shy at the lovely whispers that wake me up (so shy)

Your cold scent passes my cheek (you make me feel alright)
Will you hug me, my dear?

I Don’t Mind – tell me anything, tell me, I’ll listen
I Don’t Mind – with warm coffee and my own cooking, I want to give you more
I Don’t Mind – though I lack and am clumsy, I’ll try harder
I Don’t Mind – my face that is reflected in your eyes is lighting up

I softly hold in the words I want to say (baby)
I wait a little more for the things I wanna do (baby)

If you look at me eyes, if you touch my hair
I hear your heart loving me

Feel so good – when I sit and press my ears against your heart
Feel so good – I love you, I like you, your heart tells me these things
Feel so good – even if you don’t say it, even if you hide it, I can hear it
Feel so good – even if you don’t pick the stars for me, you are a gift to me

It feels like I have stopped on you
Your white shirt and your black hair (oh baby)
Your calm eyes and your light smile makes my heart race
Come to me (come to me) I feel alright, Baby I Don’t Mind

I Don’t Mind – I want to be held in your arms, close my eyes and dream
I Don’t Mind – tell me anything, tell me, I’ll listen

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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

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