Infinite – Man In Love (남자가 사랑할때)


I start humming along to love songs that I didn’t like before
All of the melodramas in the world seem like my story
I try to look good when I didn’t before by paying attention to my appearance
I’m acquiring the bitter taste of coffee

Time goes so fast and my heart grows impatient
I imagine you next to me and film a movie of my own

* When a man’s in love, he wants to stay by your side
There’s always so much he wants to do for you
When I’m in love, I want to give everything in my life to you
With just one expectation, your heart
When I’m in love

When a man’s in love, when a man’s in love

My cheeks get redder and my head slowly drops
I’m only looking at you as I’m on my way
My confession gushes out as if I’ve been crazily running
When a man’s in love, even if he loses ten to gain one
He gives all he has as if today is the last day so he won’t regret – all I have

Like a young child, I keep laughing for no reason
I control myself by saying that I’m different from others

* Repeat

I can’t escape because I’m in too deep
The letters in my book are dancing as they form your name
As if you’re the main character of the movie, as if you’re the moon in the sky, I keep seeing you
I draw you out every day – my heart will rest only when you come into my arms
I’ll be your resting place that will never cool down

Look carefully – if you feel this, that means he’s fallen for you
If someone gives you a sign like I am right now, then please notice it

* Repeat

When a man’s in love, when a man’s in love
When I’m in love, when I have fallen for you

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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

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