Cho Yong Pil (Feat. Verbal Jint) – Hello


When I see your eyes, you seem pretty shy
I do have my pride but all I can think about is you

Ah, just by brushing our hands against each other, you recognize me already
Ah, my senses are telling me that we’re meant to be

* I’m falling for you and about to lose my mind, I tell you that I like you – hello
Will you give me your breath and your traces? I’ll engrave them like a tattoo – hello

** Hello Hello Hello Hello Hello, open up the closed you
I need to get to know a person like you, hello

As we look into each other’s eyes, we feel our passionate hearts
Before the day passes, hey, I want to know you

Hey, the love that I wanted is you, I’m filled with only you
Hey, there’s no need to think about it, hurry and come to me

The person who will love and embrace everything about you is me – hello
I’ll be waiting oh, will you answer me with an affectionate voice? Hello

** Repeat

H-E-double L-O
As soon as I saw you, I froze up and it’s not because of the atmosphere or the place
I don’t want to have my heart ache if I lose you like this
Would it be too much if I said I saw wings on your back?
I don’t know who made your heart close up
But the person who will embrace and heal those scars is me
Open your heart – hello

* Repeat

** Repeat (x2)


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