Rphabet (Feat. San-E) – Black Suit


Black suit, I have no time, black suit

Hi, I’m Teacher San
Nominee for the craziest rapper
If the sucka MCs die, I’m the criminal
Tell me how you loving it, my rap there is drug in it
I’m seriously and completely crazy so move out of the way
If you horse around, you’ll be beat down
If you move a single step forward, your legs will be broken
What’s wrong? I’m San-E, fuckin rap genius
This is just a piece of cake
Dear My. Underground, what am I supposed to do?
They say San-E looks cheap, blah blah blah, so what?
I’ma soldier, like a warrior
You all are the guilty defendants, I’m the microphone holding prosecutor
I’m being rude? What are you talking about, this is just the first half
Not even my agency can block my craziness, they can’t nail me down
I declare war on top of this beat, followers all retweet
San-E is back again, haters and motherfuckers I’m back
I’m ba bababack with black

God damn, I’m back on this Rphabet track
And I be rapping every day, 24/7 like 7-11
I’m devil in heaven, good battling evil
Emphasizing vocabulary, rapping about a forbidden world like Eve’s Garden of Eden
The gods keep cutting away at my life, which is crossing the line
They say I’m dying, can you hear me?
Inscribe on my tombstone that I lived for hip-hop, amen
Ga na da ra ma ba sa ah ja cha ka ta pa ha1
I don’t speak the language, I inject it, I’m a legal drug
Like a straw-cutting shaman, rapping like I’m possessed
The Holy Trinity, fucking threesome with two priests
This isn’t to commemorate or experiment, it’s deformed
It’s not a shopping mall but it’s the disease of the new world2
Don’t ask me for a handshake but just clap your hands
Who da denies me, I am hip-hop

Some critics bark that I’m a case of rags-to-riches
And other idiotic bastards say that San-E’s EP is fucking horrible
Please put away your dull critiques
The language I speak is Da Vinci’s language
Take out confidence and you’re left with a corpse, take out pride and you’re left with a wheelchair
Your imagination hmm, it’s a cliché to my everyday thoughts
Easily put, I’m the original, you’re the remake
I can eat all you up at the rapper buffet and burp

Like the seasonal blowfish, my mouth is filled with poison
In my creative work, even my religion, which is my everything, is worthless
God please forgive me, I can’t stop
If this isn’t talent but a curse, I have lost to the devil
With my own will, I knock, if anyone asks, I can smile without embarrassment
Breaking with rashes, I roll with dirty tactics, the lined-up guys hang back to die
How dare you try to play a trick on me? Who shrinks back? You

Ayo, my skin yellow but soul blacker than yours
Madder than yours, attack wack, rappers left jaws
My seed is black from its roots, the origins are low
It’s like hell, living in this burning hell
Makes me the evil devil with this black suit

1This is the Korean alphabet
2Shinesegye or the “New World” is the name of a shopping mall chain in Korea

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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

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