2PM – Awesome!

You are greatly great
You are magnificently magnificent
You look so awesome
You look so awesome

You are greatly pretty
You are very sexy
I said awesome
You look so awesome

Oh shampoo scent
The perfume that comes in as soon as the door opens
My eyes follow the scent and stop
The beautiful you is looking at me

A w e, I’m crazy for you baby
S o m e, I’m awed by you baby
Every time I look at you, every time you smile
You give off a scent, you know, ella
I’m pulled to you like a magnet, my blood rushes
Without knowing, my lips part
I quickly wipe my drool
I don’t know when this tension will be over, so I’ll reel you in quickly

With an innocent face, you have a dark tattoo on your white neck line
Thick smoke from your sparkling, cherry-like lips

Wow you know what I’m talking about
You’re the only one I’m thinking about
At the end of the night, I will show you my all
I will make you mine
That’s how very sexy you are
You’re so awesome
My feelings for you won’t stop
I won’t stop until I make you mine

It’s been two hours since I waited for you to look at me, oh no
Then I turned my neck and saw in the mirror
That you are looking at me

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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

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