Taecyeon & Chansung (2PM) – Saying I Love You (사랑한단 말)

At you sudden call, my heart became a mess
I can’t figure it out
I thought I forgot about the remaining sadness
Being this anxious is probably saying
That I’m not over you yet, though I don’t wanna believe it

I don’t think I erased you from inside of me
I might have treated you more coldly
Because I might end up looking for you
But now I regret it, why am I like this?

When I said I love you, it wasn’t a lie
After letting you go like that
My heart was in pain

I can’t hold onto you
Just because of the feelings that are bigger than love
So sadness comes

I don’t think I can do what I did for you before
It seems like you would just hate me and end things
That’s what I was afraid of, if only things could stop right now

Can’t we stop at the feelings we’re feeling right now?
Can’t we make promises once again?
I was the one who said we shouldn’t see each other anymore
But looking back, the only thing we have are our cherished memories

There is no more future for us
That truth makes me hurt even more
It makes me sad, you don’t even try to look me in the eyes anymore
So what else can I say?

I’m swallowing the sadness of losing the one person
Who could tell everything in my heart at one point
I can’t help it, I only love you

As our memories fade away
All I want is just to break away

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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

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