VIXX – After Dark

You’re disappearing with the darkness once again
When the day comes, I’m left alone in bed
Following the speed of the slowly rising sun
I shed heavy tears
I hate this after dark

You’re so cold, you won’t give me your heart
Maybe that’s why I’m more attracted to you
You slide away and when morning comes
I can’t breathe and I look for you again

It’s brightness
I’m in danger as I wait for you

When this night passes
And I can’t see you again
I can’t stand it

I’m looking again for you
Who is lingering somewhere else
I’m afraid, after dark

Sun, I still have a lot to say with the moon
So please take notice and go back
Hurry before she disappears
Where are you going and where are you hiding so quickly?
I can’t even predict it, my head hurts
Stop over analyzing, please stop, I’m afraid
I sleep with my eyes open in case you leave me

I look at you and you’re so white
You make me go blind
When you fall asleep and the light shines again
I can’t handle it, I walk toward you

It’s moonlight darkness
I want you again
I hope for you, tell me

Please shine on my path
This place without you
Is scarier than the darkness

If you leave me again
And hide yourself
My heart will break down

I’m fixed on you
I can’t stop
Look back at me, after dark

After dark

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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

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