No one ever leaves me alone
I’m so pretty
Everyone struggles because of me
Wherever I walk, the ground is red
Like a red carpet
Everyone stares at me

Some people ask who’s your mama
They try talking to me in that new way
But I don’t feel anything
But I wanna fall in love with someone too baby
Listen carefully my boy

I’m waiting for someone
To make me feel things I’ve never felt before
No matter how long it takes, I wanna wait
I just wanna fall in love

Make it so that I can’t move
Make me go ooh ahh ooh ahh
All you fakers who don’t mean anything
Bye bye huh
(Like ooh ahh)
Make me speechless
Make me go ooh ahh ooh ahh
Don’t just say bla la la la
Make me feel you huh
(Like ooh ahh)

They look at me, see? They look again
They pass by, turn around and look (TWICE)
Wherever I go, I’m always without makeup
But I always shine the most
I wear shoes without heels but I’m always valued high

In my head, scenes that are like a movie pass by, la la la
Just thinking about it makes me nervous yeah
I wanna fall in love with someone now baby
Listen carefully my boy

I don’t wanna just date anybody
I’m not an easy girl

Let me see
How you gon treat me
I ain’t no easy
Better think about it TWICE

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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

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