Heize (ft. DEAN & DJ Fritz) – And July

Did someone put drugs in it?
yeah (I said it’s true)
In your normal voice
(I said it’s true)
I drink cold water
I drink bitter coffee
But it’s so sweet, why?
(I said it’s) killin me softly

From A to Z
All of your past
I know everything
So why am I being like this?

I can’t even say anything
I’m about to explode
It’s too late to say
That I’m saying this out of heat (what)
So I’m only lingering around you

I can give you
the world
If only you come to me
I can give you
the world
Just say it
I’ll do anything for you yeah

From the long spring
To the summer that just came
Thinking bout
you baby Yeah

A night hotter
Than the July sun
Like all weekends
It’ll probably coo down
But today, it’ll be different
All the emotions I pushed back
I’ll tell you today
I hope We’ll be ok

I pushed back the UMF tickets
That I’ve been waiting for
And I’m on my way to see you baby

I put on some perfume
I put on my expensive Jordans
Then I get a call from you
“I don’t think I can go out today”

I can give you
the world
If only you come to me
I can give you
the world
Just say it
I’ll do anything for you yeah

From the long spring
To the summer that just came
Thinking bout
you baby Yeah

Among the coming and going people
I’m all alone
The fleeting night is comforting
(BUT) if it’s not today, I don’t think I can
So I’m pressing your phone number

If I hesitate more
I might see another girl next to you
So I’ll be careful
And I’ll tell you as if it’s not my story

I was denying it, saying I don’t know
Then two seasons have passed us
Even in this moment, I miss you
I need to be sure
Now stop

If I say it in May
I might seem impatient
If it’s next June
It’s obvious you’ll be busy

So I came this far
I know I’m not just a friend anymore
You already know
So what I’m saying is

You’re fine.
I’m fine.
And July.

Oh the reason is enough BABY

You’re fine
I’m fine
And July oh (you know?)

“It’s better if I’m a guy“

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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

5 thoughts on “Heize (ft. DEAN & DJ Fritz) – And July

    1. This song is really just about a two close friends who want to become more and are deciding on timing and how to do it:
      The first part about the drugs and coffee is the most confusing part but i think it’s about the person having lovey dovey feelings so it feels like they took drugs and everything tastes sweeter. Then she talks about she knows everything about him and his past so why can’t she just confess? “It’s too late to say that I’m saying this out of heat” She’s worried about confessing and at this time it’s not hot enough to use the excuse that the heat is making her say crazy things like a confession. Then the chorus describes her saying she can give him everything if he just comes to her.
      Then comes Dean’s part; turns out he’s been meaning to confess too. He gets ready and is on the way to go see her and then she calls and cancels (probably bc she doesn’t think she’s ready to confess) Then the chorus repeats, with Dean echoing the same frustration Heize has.
      Then it continues on and on with both of them feeling uncertain of timing.
      Since May and June are out, they both decide to confess in July; they know they like each other so why not. “It’s better if I’m a guy” which is basically korean speak for it’s better if you don’t see me as a friend but as a lover.

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