GOT7 – Shopping Mall

It feels like shopping mall
My shopping mall

When you open the door and come out
It’s like seeing shopping bags in my hands
My heart is racing
You’re like a present

I keep falling for you
I keep getting butterflies when the weekend comes
I can’t hear anything
I can’t see anything
Right now, around me

When the door opens, it smells like the AC
Eyes going to the new item updates
Wherever I go, I go aggressively
I’m floating like a cloud, feels like that
Yeoju, Paju, busy since the morning
Anyone can see I’m an early bird
No one has to push me, I do this on my own
I’m good at everything

It feels like shopping mall
My shopping mall
All day, you make my heart race
My shopping mall
My shopping mall
Get me excited like a child
It feels like shopping mall
You’re my, you’re my
My shopping mall
You’re my, you’re my
You’re my only girl

Hey, you’re so perfect
I wanna keep going from the roof to the basement
Hey, I’m so happy right now
Just looking makes me happy, don’t wanna go home

My shopping mall
I wanna freely enter and go around
My shopping mall
I think of your body
Body, Body, Body

Your words are like chocolate
So sweet, my ears are melting
Display says it’s 50% sale, oh yeah
Temptation calls out to me
Without knowing
You already came into my shopping cart
Though I have no credit
My impulsive shopping desires call out to me
I already sign in
Girl you make my heart beat
You’re my beauty, I’m your beast
You go round and round in my head
You’re like a big building
I can only see you in my eyes
Got you on my mind
and I’m going crazy
Just like those kicks that I want
We make the perfect team
Now you and I are one
Your body is like street art
You can wear anything and it looks designer
So good, people are falling for you
Your style, your hair
Your mannequin like legs, skinny black pants
One shoulder bling bling CN bag
On it wear whatever you want
Don’t be shy shy shy


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