GOT7 – Paradise

You’re my paradise
Right before my eyes, ocean view
Wearing a fashion look that fits the view
When you look at me, it feels so good
Don’t say bye
I don’t wanna let you go
Time is wasting
I know your heart is like my heart like decalcomanie

So dangerous
You can see my heart, it’s see-through
So beautiful
You’re stealing my line of vision
So dangerous
You’re driving me crazy baby
Even your smallest gestures, I’m done

You’re my Paradise
You’re beautiful girl
I’m looking at you but I miss you
You’re my only girl
You’re my Paradise
You’re beautiful girl
When I think of you, my lips go up

You’re my paradise, you’re heaven
Your shining skin, your sexy lips
Your ice cream-like scent
If it’s you, I’ll give you everything
Hold my hand, let’s walk on a flower path
I’ve been waiting for you
I can’t go on if it’s not you, I am you and you are me
So baby welcome to my zone
In our own space
Let’s spend time forever
Let’s go high to the sky
Be the moon above the clouds, shine on me
Don’t just imagine it
I’ll make all your dreams come true
I don’t know what
you’re thinking right now
It’s about that time we both go out
and do something
about it you know
You’re my Paradise
You’re my Paradise Paradise
You’re my paradise


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