GOT7 – Sign

Wake me up with your sweet lips
Like it’s nothing, like that
I see you and I feel so calm today
Without knowing, I start to laugh
When you shine on me
I long for you
Do you feel the same?
Your red lips flicker before me
The look you gave me
Your eyes were so deep
beautiful what I need
I’m still like that, you’re still

Give me Your Sign
I’m waiting for you
Come back to me
Give me Your Sign
When are you going to stop hesitating?
Just come to me
Just give me your sign
How about you?
Again today, I’m only looking at your picture
Tell me
Just give me your sign

I’m looking for you in the stars of the night sky
Now please come to me
Why did you change? oh baby who are you
You’re not the you I used to know
Why am I the same?
Why do you treat me like I’m a shadow?
Something’s wrong
The accessory we had on together
It’s becoming meaningless
Even all of you that has been embedded in me
I’m diving so deep
I know you’re looking at me
I can’t do this anymore, I need you now
In my heart, time has stopped
I’m a fool who only thinks about you
I can’t do anything without you
At the end of my long days
You used to be there
But now I’m all alone
Don’t let go of me
Don’t let me go girl
I need you now


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