Dok2 – Hiphop Lover

I was nothin but a
hip-hop kid Hip-hop lover
My future and dreams were hazy
But I just walked anyway
I was nine years old
I should’ve liked playing video games
But I sold the PlayStation that my aunt bought me
To buy audios to put in my room
That’s what I liked
With a $10 mic, stayed up all night rapping to Drunken Tiger and 1tym
Recording myself on a cassette tape
Sending them to Seoul like I gotta get paid
Bought size 38 hip hop pants
Towels and durags, always made it obvious I did hip hop
Lips always out like I’m mad, eyes always open small
Putting lines in my hair with Nas’ picture in front of me
I didn’t care who was in front of me, I was rhymin
After 20 years, even now, I’m always the same
This might sound immature
But I know my heart for hiphop hasn’t changed

Sometimes, it looks like no one loves hiphop, even rappers
Chasing success while lending the name of hip hop
Saying they used music as a stepping stone when they were young
Now they pretend to be mature, so ignorant
In interviews, they say not to trap them in hiphop
Like they’re all musicians, playing “broad” music
Like they’re all artists, flying high in the sky
At least I won’t ever do that kind of ungrateful shit
Always have on that clean Muji t-shirt
Wearing my necklaces even when I’m not on TV
This isn’t about accessories pretending to be hip-hop, it’s culture
Emblem trophy
certified hustler wassup
Fuckin bitch ass rappers
Sucking on idol rappers’ assholes
bitch ass rappers
Im a rich ass rapper
with a ghetto mind passion
H, I, P, H the to fullest
nation we outchea


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