Dok2 – Reborn

Heard a few of my songs, saw me a few times on TV
Saw me and met me in passing by
With that, don’t try to judge me
Look, you think I’m gonna act to your expectations?
But I know there’s not a single bastard
Who would hate to see me lose
If I die, just pour champagne on top of my grave
Now I’m sort of sick of saying
i came from the bottom
But I can’t help that it’s true
So I’m keeping myself in check again
Not as a popular rapper or a rapper with a lot of cars
But a rapper who is good at rapping
A rapper who is like a rapper
That’s my place I should protect
I’m just doing what I have to do
Shutting up the bastards who are drunk with money and fame
Money yeah i got it rollie yeah i bought
rrari yeah im ridin Big life then im bout it
Shutting up rappers who are in rapper cosplay
Put down your mic, in my eyes, you’re all low-life’s
What’s it to you how much I make?
I’m just rapping and living
Buying expensive cars, they’re mine
They all know even if I don’t say it
royal hawaiian avenue
I wear new shoes and eat Mickey D’s
Happy New Year, destroying all the bastards
Who are not hip hop in my standards
But if I leave them alone, they fail on their own anyway
So I’ll care for my own family first
illionaire ambition son u better move
Changmo is now making real money
If you wanna make money, invest in Changmo
Take in your money, just like I did when I was younger
Hip hop sound byte Hyoeun, just rap however you want
Don’t worry about anything, just do it
We got your back so just look forward
Hash swan wattup homie
The next up in Ambition
Let’s ride that sports car you said you wanted to buy after releasing an album
The Q, beenzino we the fuckin ill three
Words to try to separate us are so easy
But we ignore it all, once an Illi, forever an Illi
Let’s be together in our own separate ways, makin milli
Really? Yeah really no motha fuckin doubt
Ilionaire way not ur motha fuckin route


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