SF9 – Intro (이별 즈음에)

Things aren’t sweet between us
Like a fallen persimmon
You’ll say they’re just friends
All those guys around you
I don’t think it’s worth it
To continue our relationship anymore
This game sucks
I can see how it’ll develop
Let’s not drag this
Shoo, shoo, go away you
Stop pretending to cry, see
This applies to you too

Turning back time
back in the day
I couldn’t even sleep at night
Every day, breaking all day
What’s wrong with me?
I could almost cry
Your scent that’s on me
Is like rain on my body heat

With you, there was always a variety of romance
I made no progress, I’m selfish
My romance is a bit artsy
That’s why I’m like this, so frustrating
I’ll unclog this mess
I’ll pop the cap
Meat tastes best when you tear it apart, real facts
Make dating trendy
No one old style (You feel it)
Can you feel it (I feel it), turn it around
He knows what I’m talking about
Munk hyung, say it (ahhh)

I’m picking up my senses
That I dropped
I tried to forget you
But I fell down at your traces
Will I seem pathetic?
Cuz I shed tears along
Are you doing well?
It’s a pointless question

What use is it to talk about past pain?
The more I take out my scar, I’m the only one who is in pain
I’m smiling to endure, even if by force
I’m not disgusted by my smile reflected in the mirror
I think it’s time to change
I’m still young and soft hearted
You taught me that
So I’ll try harder for you
Though it’s not easy
no more easy love


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